Risk Control is a worldwide operational private security company based in the The Hague region, The Netherlands. Risk Control specializes in high risk, quick response asset protection services.

Our services include;
  • Close Protection Services
  • Transport Protection Services
  • Investigative Services
  • Quick Response Teams
The security professionals of Risk Control who perform these services have been carefully selected. These security professionals are well trained, conduct themselves in a representative manner and work discretely. They are characterized by experience and knowledge and they have a number of features that are absolutely necessary, being loyalty, flexibility and reliability.

Furthermore, the security professionals have a background in public and/or private services related to safety, security and investigation services.

Our security professionals operate at a highly efficient and effective level and are also kept up to date through our internal refresher training and education program.

In short; our security professionals are responsible for the interest of our client and take this responsibility serious.